How to Start a Wholesale Bread Company

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Bakeries and bread companies are one of those businesses that deal with an essential and always necessary product. No matter what the economic conditions are or where you live, daily bread is a necessity and staple part of a diet. Other than possibly being a reliable and profitable venture, a baking business can provide satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment to its owner.

Choose what kind of a wholesale bread company you want to establish. Think about whom you want to sell to. For instance, selling to health-marts and organic food stores requires different types of products than selling to hotels, supermarkets and restaurants.

Study the market, your local competition and potential future partners. Go to food trade shows, visit retail bakery chains, research wheat farming, learn about different types of baking and collect recipes.

Find a niche product in order to distinct your venture from the competition: exotic and different ingredients such as dried fruit, spices and nuts, unusual shapes and sizes, organics, interesting packaging or healthy yeast free options.

Make a business plan with a price sheet. Register your wholesale bread business as a sole proprietorship or as a corporation. Contact the public office and health department office regarding health codes, licenses and permits, as well as guidelines for your kitchen.

Choose a location for your bread company. Since you are not starting a retail business but a wholesale company, the location and interior design are not of great importance. However, you do need to focus on the kitchen and design it according to your local health codes.

Obtain the necessary equipment for making bread and other wheat products. Visit an industrial kitchen fairs to learn about new types of ovens and bakery equipment. Buying used commercial equipment that’s in good condition will help you save money.

Establish relationships with your clients by contacting owners or managers of restaurant, stores or hotels you wish to provide for. Bring samples of your breads and bakery products. Remember that running a wholesale business means you have to obtain constant, firm and long-term relationships with your clients.


Try to include unusual and new products to your standard offerings.


Make sure your kitchen is set up according to all the standards and regulations in your locale.