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How to Become a Yamaha Motorcycle Dealer

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and a businessman with huge capital, a Yamaha Motorcycle dealership is a good investment. Based on a survey conducted by an independent publication for motorsports dealers, Yamaha is considered the best among the original equipment manufacturers in the United States. You can be assured that you will be selling high-quality products that are backed up with excellent dealership support. Keep in mind, however, that aside from accomplishing the steps on how to become a Yamaha Motorcycle dealer, it is understood that engaging in this kind of business requires high level of commitment and keen business acumen to ensure the success of your dealership.

Raise a liquid working capital of no less than $150,000 and a personal net worth of $1.2 million if you intend to have total retail sales of $2 million in a year. If your dealership will retail more than $2 million annually, your working capital and personal net worth requirement will likewise increase.

Prepare a complete personal financial statement. This document will detail all your assets and liabilities, income and expenses to sum up your net worth.

Know your credit history by requesting a credit report from a credit information agency. Obtain this document before you apply so you can personally gauge whether you are qualified to become a dealer.

Conduct a feasibility study. Once you are able to determine the demand of your target market, it will be easy to choose a location, decide on what product lines to carry and the volume of the products you intend to sell.

Decide on whether to buy or build a location for your dealership. The average area required for a Yamaha Motorcycle dealership is about 7,500 square feet. This will be divided into four sections. The biggest section is the motorcycle showroom at 5,000 square feet. Apparel and accessories take up 750 square feet; Yamaha parts, 750 sq. ft.; and the service department gets 1000 sq. ft.

Secure application forms for a dealership license in your state. Check the requirements if you qualify for a license. However, do not apply until Yamaha Motor Corporation has approved your dealership.

Collate all paperwork done in steps 2-4 in a file together with additional documents you will be required to submit: your resume, personal referrals, and a 3 year pro forma business plan.

Request for contact through the <a href=""> Yamaha Motor Dealership site</a> by clicking the Contact Me link. You will hear from a Yamaha Representative within 15 days.


The approval of your dealership is upon the discretion of Yamaha Motors Corporation. They serve the right to refuse your application even if you have complied with the necessary requirements.


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