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How to Get a Job With the USPS

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The United States Postal Service or the USPS had 623,128 employees as of 2009. These employees occupy various positions within the Postal Service. The USPS offers full-time and part-time positions for city mail carriers, rural letter carriers and clerks. There are also career positions for people with professional backgrounds in sales and marketing, according to The 2010-11 Occupational Outlook Handbook lists jobs within the Postal Service as having "keen competition" among applicants because of the benefits and pay employees receive.

Read the bulletins posted at your local post office to stay informed of local postal positions open. If a job is available in a particular post office, a notice will be posted on a unit bulletin board or window. The notice will specify the window for accepting applications and provide a brief synopsis of the position and the pay.

Go to the Postal Service website at and click on the "Careers" tab on the homepage. Even if you see a physical notice referring to the job at your local post office, you will have to visit to continue with the inquiry and application process.

Click "Search jobs online" on the "Work for U.S. Postal Service" page that loads. This will bring up a pop-up job search window.

Enter your zip code if you are applying for a job opening advertised at a local post office. If you are looking for any career opportunity, you can search with keywords or by using city and state combinations in your surrounding area.

Click on the link for the position that interests you, and a window will appear detailing the position and pay. If you wish to apply after reading the briefing, click the "Apply" button.

Fill out the application pages online. The application process is similar to most job applications with pages for educational experience, work experience and additional personal information.

Take note of the information provided you at the end of the application process. This information will let you know when the application window for the position closes and when you may be contacted for an interview. If you are not contacted for an interview within the specified time frame, the position has been filled and you are free to apply for another job within the USPS.

Attend your interview if you are called in for a meeting. Be sure to arrive on time and ready to answer questions related to your application. You will be contacted after your interview if you are awarded the job.