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How to Fill Out a USPS Job Application

The United States Post Office is a great place to work. It offers good benefits and a pleasant professional environment. If you are interested in working for the USPS, you will be required to submit an application. Here's how to get the form and fill it out.

Request an application by following the link in the Resources section. Click the red "Apply online" button at the bottom of the page. You will need an announcement number, which you can get by clicking "Continue" at the bottom of the screen. Select the state you live in and click "Continue. " There will be a list of positions and test sites.

Write down the announcement number next to the job you are interested in. To request an application, call (478) 757-3199 or (800) 800-8776 and follow the prompts. Wait for the application to come in the mail.

Fill out your paper application. This application will be tailored to whichever position you are applying for. Possible job positions include: City Carrier, Mail Processing Clerk and Mail Handler. The requirements for each of these jobs are listed on the USPS website. (In all three positions, you will be expected to lift heavy packages.)

Be truthful on your application. You cannot work at the USPS if you fabricate anwers or have a criminal record. The postal service is like a bank in that employees must be trustworthy. (Tampering with the U.S. mail is a serious offense.) Make sure when filling out your application that you fill provide all of the required information and that you don't leave anything blank. If you have any questions, there is a number you can call.

Mail back your application promptly. You won't look serious about wanting the job if you hold on to the application for two months before submitting it.

If your application is accepted, you will get to go on to an interview. Some applicants are also asked to complete tests that are administered at certain locations. Your interviewer will inform you of this if it is necessary.


Prepare for the interview ahead of time. If you get a call to come in immediately, you have to be be prepared. Have answers to the questions "Why do you want this job?" and "What interested you in mail service?" Learn as much as you can about the mail process before you go in, so the interviewer can see you are knowledgeable and did your homework.


Don't forget to dress properly for your interview. Showing up in ripped jeans and a T-shirt isn't going to make a good impression. This is a professional job, so look the part.