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Tow Truck Driver Requirements for Colorado

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The state of Colorado considers a tow truck to be a commercial vehicle. This means that in order to be a tow-truck driver in Colorado, you have to obtain a CDL or commercial driver license. While it is not a requirement for the state of Colorado, some tow-truck drivers choose to take a course to help them learn how to better operate the tow truck before attempting to pass the written or driving portions of the test.

Apply for Temporary License

In order to obtain a temporary license to drive a tow truck, you have to be at least 18 years old and have a valid Colorado driver license. You also have to have a valid social security number and be able to prove your social security number when you go to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles.

Pass Written Exam

In order to pass the written exam for the CDL, you have to score at least 80 percent. You can take this exam at any DMV office in the state of Colorado, and you will receive a certificate that shows you have passed the exam. Your passing of the exam is also logged in the Colorado DMV computer system.

Pass Driving Test

The local DMV offices do not offer the driving portion of the CDL test that you need to pass to be a tow-truck driver. Instead, third-party companies are outsourced by the DMV to administer these tests. You can obtain a list of them from one of the local DMV offices. When you pass the driving test, the company provides you with a certificate to take to the DMV.


Once you pass the driving test and written exam, you have to complete and submit an application for the CDL at a DMV office in Colorado. Provide all of the passing certificates with the application and pay the $35 fee, as of 2010. The DMV representative will take your photo and your fingerprints, and will take away your temporary CDL license and standard driver license. They will issue you a new license that includes the CDL driver designation that makes you eligible to drive tow trucks in the state.


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