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How to Become a Licensed Motor Vehicle Tag Agent

Some states have attempted to lessen the congestion at its Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices by issuing licenses to private companies to perform some of the duties performed by the state. These tag companies charge a fee for providing services such as issuing vehicle registrations, titles and license plates. Each state has its own procedures, regulations and fees.

Visit the website for your state's Motor Vehicle Division. Go to the link for tag agents, if they are authorized to operate in that state. The link may appear as "Vehicle License Agent" or "Vehicle Title Agent" or with similar wording. Review the requirements for becoming a licensed vehicle tag agent in your state.

Fill out the online application. Submit the application along with the filing fees. You can also download the application and mail it along with the filing fees to the address indicated on the form.

Purchase a bond from your insurance agent in the minimum amount required by your state.

Submit an original copy of your bond along with any additional information and fees to the address indicated on your application. The state will issue your license after your documents are processed.


The amount that you pay for a bond is determined by factors such as your experience, credit rating and personal history. A bad credit rating or a history of civil lawsuits may make it difficult to obtain a bond.


Not all states allow private individuals or companies to become title or tag agents. Check with your state's licensing agency to see if they allow independent agents.

Felony convictions or convictions for crimes involving moral turpitude may disqualify you from becoming a licensed vehicle tag agent. Check with the licensing agency for advice concerning your particular case.