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Vehicle Title Clerk Job Description

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Vehicle title clerks handle information regarding motor vehicle registration and processes legal documents and other state-required documents. Vehicle title clerks are administratively adept and organized with handling files and maintaining documents.


Vehicle title clerks process documents for state registration, fill out the proper paperwork and ensure that tax and title documents are also completed. The title clerk also send bills, contracts, warranties and service contracts to the appropriate agency, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Vehicle title clerks check for accuracy in all documents and checks for completeness and signatures on all required parts of forms. Additionally, vehicle title clerks may check for accuracy of vehicle sale and purchase prices.

Organization and Filing

The title clerk maintains a file of sales, prices, payments, warranties, service contracts and other pertinent information related to the sale or transfer of a vehicle.

Education Requirements

Employers generally require a high school diploma for title clerk positions.

Continuous Training

State regulations may change periodically, so vehicle title clerks must constantly keep abreast of changing regulatory information by monitoring DMV communications to ensure that their practices align with updated regulations.


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