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How to Become a Trinidad Flight Attendant

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A flight attendant who works in Trinidad and Tobago is required to do several things that will make him or her eligible to work in this field. While some of the requirements are legal in nature, other requirements are service-related. Most airlines that service Trinidad and Tobago want a flight attendant that will exceed all minimum standards.

Obtain a work visa that will allow you to enter Trinidad and Tobago on multiple flights. Many airlines will not interview potential flight attendants until this visa is obtained.

Apply with airlines that service Trinidad. Large airlines like American Airlines and Delta both have flights that go to Trinidad and Tobago. Caribbean Airlines only flies to Caribbean countries. If you do not want to fly anywhere except for Caribbean countries, consider applying with them.

Receive FAA certification. Even though Trinidad and Tobago is not under the umbrella of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, Caribbean Airlines still requires its flight attendants receive this certification by taking a the required course. Only high school graduates are eligible to be certified.

Learn to converse in French and Spanish. Although the dominant language of Trinidad and Tobago is English, there is a history of French and Spanish speakers on the island. If you want to focus on Trinidad, you'll need at least conversational ability in English, French and Spanish.

Submit to airline-initiated health tests before employment. While many airlines require drug tests and physical examinations, some have balked at the Caribbean Airlines' policy that flight attendants submit to rectal exams.


Learn the Trinidad and Tobago dialects. Although all areas of the country feature English as the predominant language, there are variations in the way it is spoken.