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How to Get a Job at Dow

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The Dow Chemical Company is a world renowned chemistry, technology and energy corporation that takes pride in developing scientific solutions to global technological and environmental issues, as well as employee development. Dow offers a wide range of career opportunities from agriculture to mechanical, chemical and software engineering. With the proper preparation and by taking the appropriate steps, you can increase your chances of joining the Dow Chemical team.

Self Assessment

As Dow offers numerous competitive opportunities, it is crucial to assess your interests, your short- and long-term goals and your ability to contribute. As you scan through job vacancies, carefully review all the guidelines, job duties and qualification requirements prior to applying. Ensure that the opportunities you consider fit your background, skills, credentials and future plans as closely as possible.

Online Application

As Dow only processes online applications, visit the official Dow Chemical website ( and click on "Search and Apply" to begin the application process. You will be prompted to select a preferred location and then review a list of job openings. Fill out the online application, providing complete and accurate information. Answer all pre-screening questions provided. Gather all requested documents, such as your resume, licenses, transcripts, certifications and references. After you submit your application, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail.

Phone Screening

After Dow receives your online application, you may be contacted for a phone screening. The phone screening is a pre-interview where your answers to certain relevant questions will give the hiring committee a better idea of how you will fit with the company infrastructure. You will be asked to discuss your background, experience and accomplishments, as well as your interest in Dow and the particular position. Also, take this opportunity to ask questions about Dow, the interviewer's experience and more about the position for which you applied.


If selected for an interview, arrive at the designated time and place dressed in appropriate attire. Prepare copies of relevant application documents in case they are requested. Greet each interviewer by exchanging names and firm handshakes. Answer each question with enthusiasm and focus on the company and how your skills fit the position's requirements. Smile during the interview and speak confidently. Response times for hiring decisions often vary with company, staffing needs and position requirements. You will be notified either by phone or e-mail about your hiring status.


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