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How to Write a Letter of Interest for a Curriculum Specialist

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curriculum specialists typically work in elementary and secondary schools training teachers, developing curriculum and advising administrators and teachers on methods to improve instruction and student performance. These professionals usually have several years of teaching experience and an advanced degree in education or a related field. The need for curriculum specialists has increased as districts respond to federal and state legislation requiring higher student achievement. Curriculum specialist applicants should include a detailed letter of interest with their application materials.

Review the position announcement to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements. Depending on the state you are applying in, there may be different requirements for the position.

Address your letter of interest to the hiring organization and use the appropriate salutation. If the position announcement includes a contact name, your salutation should include the contact's name. If the announcement lists no contact, you may use a salutation such as, “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Hiring Committee”.

Announce your application and interest in the curriculum specialist position. Note specific job details such as the exact title, location or department and the recruiting organization’s job number or code.

Explain further your interest in the opportunity and the organization. This allows you to express yourself in a more personal manner.

Detail the most recent work experience that qualifies you for the curriculum specialist. Highlight classroom successes, instructional innovations and student achievements. You should also detail your abilities working collaboratively with other educators and evaluating instructional practices.

Provide information regarding your educational background, including your post-secondary education attainment, relevant trainings and any professional credentials that you hold.

Conclude your curriculum specialist letter of interest by reiterating your interest in the position and expressing thanks for consideration of your application.


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