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How to Operate a Touch Screen Cash Register

If you run a small business that has a large customer turnaround (such as a restaurant) you might want to consider using a touchscreen cash register. These registers can look extremely impressive and do not take up as much space as the larger push button models. Although these registers may be slightly intimidating at first use, the registers function in the exact same way as a standard cash register.

Press the "Start" button to activate the touchscreen register.

Scan the product if you are using the touchscreen cash register at a supermarket. The bar code is going to have a specific item associated with it, so once it is scanned it is going to appear on the display screen.

Press the item to be purchased if you are working at a restaurant. There are going to be quick buttons that allow you to easily select this (such as "hamburger," "Fries" and "Medium Drink"), just like there are in a standard cash register.

Press the "Total" button to be shown the final amount to be paid.

Select the form of payment that is going to be administered. There is going to be a "Cash," "Credit/Debit," and even "Check" button for this. Follow the payment selection type in the amount paid. The only time this is going to be different is if the customer paid with cash or asked for cash back. Return the change to the customer (if required) and close the cash register. In a moment the touchscreen is going to revert back to its start screen.


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