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How to get a job at Lowe's

Applying for a job can be complicated these days. Many companies require you to fill out applications online, while some still rely on handwritten applications. The application process at Lowe's is pretty simple, but there are a few things you'll want to be aware of.

Write down all of your previous employers on a piece of paper. Include the dates you worked there and the positions you held. Gather all your basic information such as Social Security number, driver's license and phone number.

Go to the Lowe's you wish to work at with the paper on which you wrote your information down. Ask an employee where you apply for a job, and he will point you to the computer kiosk where Lowe's requires its potential candidates to fill out their applications.

Locate the book near the computer. This will list the jobs Lowe's currently has available. At one point in the application process, you will be asked what job you are applying for. Choose your desired jobs out of this book to greatly increase your chances of getting called in for an interview. If you can't find it, then ask an employee what positions are available; she should then be able to help you find the book.

Fill in all of the information that they ask for. If you can't answer something, then you can save your application and come back later with the required information.

Wait a few days, and then call Lowe's or go down to the store to inquire about your application. This shows that you are ambitious and may help you get that interview.

Wear clean, tasteful clothing to the interview if you get one. A pair of slacks and a polo shirt is appropriate for both men and women. Ripped clothing or T-shirts with humorous, but possibly offensive statements should be avoided. Ladies should avoid showing cleavage or wearing short skirts. Show up on time, but not more than 15 minutes early.

Be polite to your interviewer, and avoid using slang or curse words while speaking. Look the person interviewing you in the eye and be sure to smile. Everyone who works at Lowe's is expected to be able to help customers, so let them know that you are capable of interacting with people in a positive way.


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