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How to Get a Job at Home Depot

The Home Depot is very strict with job requirements. Because of a lot of contracts with government-backed agencies, they have to follow strict government regulations. When you apply for a job at The Home Depot, you have to have every skill on the job description or you won't be contacted. The recruiting process is very slow, so if you haven't heard from The Home Depot even though you meet every qualification, they probably haven't processed your application yet. There are some things you can do to be sure your application gets into the hands of someone responsible for hiring.

Look up the company website on your computer or use one at the local library. When you go into The Home Depot to apply for a job, you are directed to the computer kiosk to fill out an application. You can go online from a different location to fill out an application or at least to see what they're looking for so you have all the information needed to apply at the store.

Attach a good resume to your application that emphasizes the skills that match the job you're going after.

Sell yourself in a cover letter that describes why The Home Depot needs you and how you can make your potential bosses' jobs easier.

Find someone you know who already works at The Home Depot. A good reference form a good employee can move your application closer to the top.

Call to check the status of the job you've applied for. Ask for the recruiter by name and find out if the job is still open. Thank them for their time even if they've already hired someone else. If the other person doesn't work out, your name may come to mind first.


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