How to Become a Wind Turbine Technician

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A booming up and coming career is that of a wind turbine technician. The wind turbine technician training takes only a short six months to complete, and graduates typically quickly find jobs that earn an average of 38k a year. Keep reading to learn how to launch your wind turbine tech career.

Study the engineering of a wind turbine. Basic knowledge of the structures that you must become familiar with during wind turbine technician training will be greatly beneficial to someone seeking entrance into a program.

Learn about both environmental issues and environmental conservation; two important concepts to understand prior to applying to wind turbine technology schools.

Understand wind and its characteristics. A grasp of aerodynamics is beneficial to excelling in a wind turbine technology program.

Search for wind turbine technology programs at community colleges; where these programs are most frequently offered. Though the programs are scarce and a bit difficult to track down, they are cropping up more often as the demand for the career steadily increases.

Apply to wind turbine technology trade schools and technical programs. They are a tad difficult to locate but once you do find a school you like, apply quickly; the programs tend to fill quickly because they are rare.


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