How to Get a Disability Form

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Filling out and sending in a disability form is an essential part of applying for disability benefits. It is not by itself the application for social security. The form will ask you to provide information about your medical condition, medications and health care providers as well as your education and job skills. Getting the form is probably the easiest part of the process as long as you know where to look.

Go to the Social Security Administration's website and navigate to the “Disability Report Form Guide.” The direct link is found at the first resource below.

Read the instructions on the page. They will tell you the purpose of the form and the privileges they gain from it. Click on the link at the bottom of the page that says, “Click here for steps to consider when using this guide.”

Click on “Go to forms” to print a copy of the disability form. You may also complete the form online by clicking on “Adult Disability Report online.” If you choose the latter option you will be brought to a page describing the application process. Click “Start the Report” to begin filling out the disability form.


If you have contacted the Social Security Office and started an application, they will send you a disability form in the mail.



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