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How to Stop Florida Unemployment Benefits

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As part of the qualification requirements to get Florida unemployment benefits, you must look for a new job each week. Once you find and accept a new job, you cannot continue to claim unemployment benefits. In fact, all employers in the state of Florida report new hires to the Department of Labor in the state and your claim will be flagged if you try to continue collecting benefits. You can stop your Florida unemployment benefits on your own at any time.

Select “Yes” to the question on the claim form regarding if you worked during the week, if you are stopping your benefits because you worked a job during the week listed on the claim form. List the amount of money you earned, even if you were not yet paid, in the corresponding field.

Discard any weekly claim forms that you have for unemployment benefits if you are working. You cannot legally claim unemployment benefits if you get a job.

Stop certifying your weekly claim form online or by mail. Once you do this, your benefits in Florida automatically stop and you revert to inactive status.


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