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How to Qualify for Arizona Unemployment With a Severance

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In the state of Arizona, unemployment benefits are offered by the Arizona Department of Economic Security to provide temporary assistance to employees who have suffered job loss through no fault of their own. If you received severance pay from your previous employer, you may still qualify for unemployment benefits if you meet other eligibility criteria. Severance packages may include a one-time payment or ongoing weekly payments and must be reported to the Department of Economic Security upon initial application for benefits. Severance pay does not disqualify an applicant from unemployment insurance; however, benefit amounts may be reduced during the claim period while severance is received.

Apply for unemployment benefits immediately following job separation. Benefits accrue beginning on the Sunday of the week the claim is filed. Apply online at the Arizona Department of Economic Security Web site or by calling the Arizona Unemployment Call Center at 877-877-6226.

Provide requested personal information, such as your full name, address, county of residence and Social Security number.

Furnish names, addresses and phone numbers for all employers within the last 18 months. Specify the last date of work for your previous employer, the length of time employed and the rate of pay. To qualify for benefits, applicants must meet minimum earnings requirements during the last year of employment, known as the base period.

Determine your weekly benefit amount. As of 2010, the weekly benefit amount is equivalent to four percent of the highest quarterly earnings during the designated base period, up to $240 a week.

Report any income received following separation, including vacation or unused sick pay and any severance pay received. Income received in excess of the predetermined weekly benefit amount may reduce benefits for that claim period.

Log in to view the status of your unemployment claim, work search requirements and scheduled payment request date.

Continue to request payment as scheduled, even if claim will not be paid due to the amount of severance received. Severance pay is allotted to the specific claim period in which it is received, and you may be eligible for future benefits.


Upon successful completion of an unemployment insurance application either online or by phone, a confirmation number will be provided.

Income earned in other states may be used in combination with wages earned in Arizona to meet the minimum requirements for the base period.


Providing false or incomplete information constitutes unemployment insurance fraud and may result in legal action being taken against you.