How to Get a Mississippi Gaming Work Permit

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Mississippi is often overlooked in discussions of the country's premier gaming regions, but the Magnolia State boasts the sixth and eighth largest U.S. casino markets by annual revenue, according to the American Gaming Association. Consequently, the Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC), the state's casino governing agency, has stringent regulations in place for working at one of their casinos. Work permit applications include sections on general biographical information, as well as more probing questions about your financial history and assets. After undergoing a background check, you may be approved for an MGC work permit, which must then be renewed every three years.

Complete a work permit application after being hired, filling out all biographical information, and employment and criminal history, in blue pen. Complete all supplementary forms, including: Request to Release Information Form, Disqualification Notice and Acknowledgement of Criminal History. Fill out all forms completely.

Turn over the application packet to the human resources department for review. Incomplete applications are generally rejected. After careful inspection, the company representative will add your name and contact number to the MGC Fee Log. Pay the $150 application processing fee (as of July 1, 2010). The company will collect all payments, listing them on the fee log, and write a company check to the MGC.

Send the application packet through your company to the local MGC District Field Office, along with the original fee log and a copy of the company check, at least one week before scheduled processing. District offices are located in Vicksburg, Tunica and Biloxi. The original check and a copy of the fee log will be mailed to the MGC office in Jackson, Miss. The processing schedule varies by district office and whether you applied at a casino or through an independent licensee.

Report to the district office on the day of processing, with a government-issued picture ID, to have fingerprints and photograph taken. Submit to a background check. Allow two days for results to come back.


Remember to look over your application materials to confirm that they are completely filled out and signed. Submit your background check as soon as possible, as in most cases work permits will not be issued without the results. Check in often with your human resources department to learn the status of your application.


State and MGC regulations prohibit those with felony (and certain misdemeanor convictions) from being issued a work permit. Under Miss. Code Ann. Section 75-76-131, workers will not be allowed to work in a casino until the permit process is complete.