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How to Get a 1099R for Unemployment

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 1099-R form is an official reporting of how much you made from insurance, pensions and profit sharing plans. As a type of insurance payment, unemployment benefits fall into the 1099-R category. When you receive unemployment payments, you get a 1099-R from the state labor department at the end of the calendar year. You still have to pay your state and federal taxes on those payments and the 1099-R form helps you file your taxes on them.

Receive your original 1099-R unemployment form by mail during the month of January when the state labor department automatically mails them to anyone who received unemployment payments during the previous year.

Log onto the state labor department’s unemployment portal using your personal PIN and username on your personal computer or a computer in the local unemployment office. Click the link that opens your 1099-R in a PDF format. Click “Print” or press the CTRL key and P key to print the form to your home printer.

Call the unemployment hotline and enter your Social Security number and PIN when prompted. Select the option to speak to a customer service representative. Explain that you need to receive a duplicate 1099-R so you can have another mailed to you.


The PIN you use when logging in or accessing the telephone service is the same you setup when you initially filed for unemployment.

All 1099-R mailings will be sent to the address you used when you signed up for unemployment benefits. If you change addresses, make sure to update it in the online system and file a change of address.

Many states don’t make the 1099-R form available for download or a second mailing until February to ensure that your first form has had time to make it to you.


Each state has their rule and regulations regarding unemployment procedures so it’s difficult to give specific information about unemployment tax forms without knowing the state in questions. The best place to receive information about your state’s unemployment tax procedures is from the labor board in state in question (see Resources).


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