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How to Become an American Eagle Outfitter Model

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If you love wearing clothes from American Eagle Outfitters, you may wonder what it takes to be a model for the brand. The company markets its relaxed, comfortable look to 15- to 25-year-olds. Could you be one of the faces of AEO?

About American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters started out in 1977 as a single store in Michigan. Today, there are more than a thousand of the stores all over the world. The company primarily sells T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and jeans for young men and women. AEO's aerie stores sell bras, panties and other intimate apparel.

American Eagle models have to have the right look for the brand. In addition to looking at the clothing in the stores, look at the company's ad campaigns through the years. What do the models look like? What image is AEO trying to create? The company wants to appeal to real people, so they don't use supermodels in their ads. That's good for young models just getting started in the business.

Start Young

You need to be the same age as AEO's and aerie's customers (or look like you're between 15 and 25). There are modeling agencies all across the country that represent young models, so do some internet research to find agencies in your area. Before you go, have some photographs taken, including a "head shot" (a close-up of your face) and waist-up and full-body shots. A friend or family member can take pictures; they do not have to be made by a professional photographer because agencies know what to look for. Skip the "glamour" shots in favor of snaps that look more natural and allow you to show your personality.

As you look for modeling agencies, remember that reputable agents make their money by placing models with clients. Beware of agencies that require a fee, enrollment in modeling classes or an expensive portfolio of photographs. If you're under 18, make sure a parent or guardian speaks with agency representatives before you sign paperwork or make a commitment.

National Casting Call

AEO recently held a national casting call. The company invited customers to try on clothes at their local stores, take pictures and post them on Instagram. It was an effort by the company to generate excitement about the brand and get real people to wear AEO clothes. If the campaign is successful (watch MTV in Spring 2019 for the American Eagle Web Series), it's possible AEO will run the contest again in the future.

Your Face in an American Eagle Outfitters Ad

Modeling is a very competitive industry. Getting modeling jobs is all about having the look that a client wants to sell its products. Fortunately for would-be models, the industry is now much more inclusive. People of color and individuals with disabilities are increasingly featured in advertising, as are those who may have once been considered the wrong size or shape to be models. Many companies, including AEO, want to show their clothes on teens and 20-somethings who look like they could go to school with you or live in your neighborhood. The aerie real campaign, for example, features models with visible disabilities. Aerie model jobs are open to girls and young women who may have never dreamed they could model.

Who knows? One of the next faces of American Eagle Outfitters could be yours.


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