How to Track Employee Vacation & Sick Leave

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Most companies provide employees with a certain amount of vacation and sick leave to use throughout the year. There are a number of ways to track this information. It is very important that all benefits, including vacation and sick leave, be tracked accurately and completely in order for an organization to operate efficiently and effectively.

Tracking Process

Find out how much vacation time and sick leave everyone has. Not everyone will receive the same amount of vacation time and sick leave. The amount of time received can depend on company policy and seniority. Chances are, the longer you have been with a company the more vacation time you have. This can also be true with sick leave. Enter all this information into a spreadsheet to create a summary of vacation time and sick leave time for all employees.

Set up an formula in the spreadsheet to debit vacation and sick leave time. Whether vacation and sick time accrue monthly, semi-monthly or based on a different time frame, you can enter an equation into the spreadsheet that captures that automatically. The equation will decrease the remaining leave time as time taken is entered. For example, if someone is starts out with 40 hours of vacation time and they take a day of vacation (eight hours), they have 32 hours remaining. An "8" would be entered into the appropriate cell on the spreadsheet. If the formula is set up properly, entering that information will decrease the vacation time by eight hours or the number of hours taken. Follow the procedure for sick leave as well.

Enter the information. When someone schedules vacation time, say three months in advance, it should be entered into the spreadsheet along with the dates of the vacation. Assign each month of the year its own tab to help to organize the process.

Add new employees to the spreadsheet along with the date they become eligible to take vacation, which is usually after a period of months. Track the time off for new employees the same as others.

Remove an employee's name if he leaves the company. Tabulate the employee's vacation time to that point. Turn over all data to human resources for processing.

Start the process over at the beginning of the new year. Make sure everyone’s total vacation time and sick leave time are keyed into the spreadsheet. Find out if any unused time carries over.