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How to Use an EZ Trak Dx

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The EZ Trak DX is a automated control device that is similar to a computer numerical control. You can save programs and create automated operations without the knowledge required to run a computer numerical control milling machine. The EZ Trak DX is integrated into a Series I Bridgeport Milling Machine and can perform many basic functions on its own with only the basic of information. With the option to move from manual movements to automation and back, the EZ Trak DX eliminates the time that is wasted on manual equipment.

Turn the EZ Trak DX on to start the programming of the part with the dimensions from the blue print. The EZ Trak DX can move the table along the X and Y axes to cut various metals such as aluminum and steel. The EZ Trak DX can move the table up to 100 inches per minute and can store up to 1,000 programs.

Input the dimensions for the program into EZ Trak DX by entering the starting points as well as the ending points for each cut. Start with zero-zero for X and Y, which is the starting point that most machinists use, and input the proper negative and positive moves for each axis based on the print dimensions. The EZ Trak DX will write the program for you and you do not have to know G Code, which is the language used to program on CNC machines.

Place the EZ Trak DX in teach mode. Machine the part as you normally would as the EZ Trak DX will save the information for you and create a program for that part. Use this option when there is no print available and you are not aware of the exact dimensions you will need to create the part. The next part can be machined using the EZ Trak DX in automatic mode just like a CNC milling machine.

Use reground tools with the EZ Trak DX to save money. Call up the program you will use and adjust the radius or offset information on the control. This way, you will not have to change the program as the EZ Trak DX will automatically compensate for the differences in tool size or length. Set the offsets and radius changes back to zero when you replace the tool with a new one.

Use the routines that are saved in the EZ Trak DX for certain operations that would otherwise be very time consuming on a manual milling machine. Enter the starting and ending points for bolt holes as well as the diameter and number of holes and the EZ Trak DX will automatically calculate the rest of the information for you.


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