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How to Add Employers to a Resume Template in MS Word

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When you're looking for a new job, you should update your resume to add your most recent employer and position. Some employers ask for a lengthier job history than your current resume presents, as well. Learning the best ways to modify your resume depends on the type of template and resume format you used when creating the document.

Bulleted List

If you used a bulleted list format to display your past employers and job history information, your resume probably has list levels to present your employment dates, job titles and responsibilities. When adding an additional employer to a multilevel list, your new entry may end up at the wrong level. You can correct this by clicking on the entry and clicking the Bullets drop-down arrow in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. Point to Change List Level and choose the first level.

Table Template

Many Microsoft Word resume templates use tables to separate information. Sometimes, several different tables are together, which can make adding a new entry difficult. You can add an employer to this type of resume by selecting the entire contents of another similar entry and copying it. Click at the end of the line after which you want to add your new entry. Right-click and select Insert as New Rows under Paste Options. Type over the existing text with your past employment information.

Form Fields

If you created your resume with a template that used form fields, you can insert similar fields to replicate the format and add employers. Select the Insert tab and click on Quick Parts in the Text group. Choose Field to open the Insert Field dialog box. Find the type of field you want to insert, such as Date or Address Block, and click OK. Press Ctrl-A to select the entire document and press the F9 key to update the fields when you're done.

Plain Text

Most resumes are either in chronological or functional format. If your plain text resume is in chronological order, add your most recent employer by placing the cursor to the left of the first existing employer listed. Type in your employment information and press Enter. Add an employer to a functional resume by placing the cursor to the right of the employer you worked for prior to the one you want to add. Type in your employment information and press Enter to move the existing job down a line.


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