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Franklin Covey Dayplanner Instructions

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Purchasing a Franklin Covey day planner is the first step in becoming organized not only today but at the end of the year when you are trying to tie up loose ends. Learning how to use the Franklin Covey system effectively is the key to getting the most out of the system for personal and professional life.

Three Elements to Success

Franklin Covey has developed three key elements to remember before you even begin to use its products: Use only one system to keep all your information integrated. Always carry your system around with you, and customize the book to your needs and your abilities.

To Begin

To begin using your system, fill out the identification page completely. All your pertinent information will be listed on one page for quick and easy reference.

Organize the tabs included with your starter kit. Stored pages you won't need in the foreseeable future. Once all the sections are organized, you are ready to begin the transformation of your plans into action.

Prioritized Daily Task List: You will list the tasks that you need to accomplish and mark an A, B, and C in front of the task. Placing an “A” indicates this is of great importance to complete immediately. “B” is for tasks that are important to complete, but if needed could wait to be completed. “C” is for tasks that can be postponed.

After the tasks are prioritized, use a serious of symbols to indicate their current status: ? the task is completed. ? you have moved this task to another date, and write the date next to the arrow to track. • You have started the task but you have more work to complete. You will review the list at a later date to determine what still needs to be done. JB ? you have assigned this task to someone else and the \"G\" represents the initials of that person. Add a circle next to the initials to place a check mark in when the person has completed the task.
X reflects tasks no longer needing to be completed.

Quick Reference

The appointment scheduler allows room for you to list appointments and meetings, as well as the time you need to prepare for a meeting, assignment or complete assignment.

Daily Notes is convenient for recording your phone calls, conversations, entries for a journal, auto expenses, reimbursed expenses, meeting notes and directions. Place a number before each entry and log it into your monthly index. This will help you remain organized and track the needed information in less time.

The master task list is an ongoing list of tasks you would like to accomplish that month. This can be to search for new auto insurance, scheduling oil change or a reminder to make a doctor’s appointment. Mark each time the task is completed and list the date that the task was scheduled for next to the completed task for quick reference.

The monthly index is a table of contents for your planning pages to provide an easy reference guide.


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