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How to Track Daily Duties

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No matter what you do for a living, it is important to keep track of the tasks you perform every day. Quantifying your daily duties makes it easier to compose and update your resume. Knowing what your daily duties are also makes it easier to train a backup who can step in when you go on vacation or take a sick day.

Carry a notepad with you are you move through the day at work. Write down each task you perform right away. It is easy to get caught up the problems of the day, and that can interfere with the recording of your duties. By carrying a notepad you can record each task as you start it.

Continue to carry your notepad with you each day, recording each task you perform. Carry the notepad with you each day for at least a week--this will help you capture those tasks that you do on a weekly basis as well as your daily tasks.

Open a spreadsheet program or word processing document as you prefer. Record each of your daily tasks on a separate line of the spreadsheet or word processing document.

Record the name of each task, along with the amount of time it took to complete that task. This information will be important to anyone who needs to analyze your job. It will also be important information if you need to delegate certain tasks or train a backup to handle your duties in your absence.


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