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How to Overcome Challenges of Working in a Team

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Working as part of a team may feel overwhelming and sometimes stressful, depending on those you are working with and what you are doing. Although teamwork is challenging, it also can be rewarding and can help you complete tasks quickly. You can overcome the challenges of working on a team by having commitment, a positive attitude and an open mind.

Communicate thoroughly with everyone working on your team. Set objectives and goals, along with rules for communicating and respecting one another.

Listen to each member of your team, and try to ensure that each member is doing so. This will keep communication fair and will avoid divisions on the team.

Take advantage of downtime so that team members can relax and break the tension and get to know one another better. Having breaks between tasks will help avoid burnout or creative droughts.

Treat every member of your team equally, and balance time with each one. Avoid giving special treatment or attention to one person on the team.

Show consistency when working with the team by completing all tasks assigned to you. Offer to help if possible to demonstrate teamwork, and encourage others in your group to do the same.

Ask team members for advice and opinions, and have open discussions about issues. Open communication will allow your teammates to build trust and help streamline the work.


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