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How to Communicate Professionally & Effectively

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An important part of any business is the ability to communicate effectively with your colleagues. Clear and effective communication ensures that your co-workers understand what you are saying. Poor communication leads to confusion, conflict and inaccurate or incomplete results.

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Avoid being indecisive or condescending. Speak clearly and concisely. Express your point in a calm, respectful tone.

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Beware of your body language. Aggressive or intimidating body language can make your colleagues feel uncomfortable.

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Do not interrupt. Listen carefully to what your colleagues have to say before responding. Always consider a colleague's input instead of dismissing his contribution.

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Ensure that your colleagues understand what you are saying by regularly asking for confirmation. If you are listening to someone else, ask questions to make sure that you understand the information.

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If you are a member of a team, give all of your colleagues your contact details so that they can contact you at any time.


Enroll in a communication skills training course. Always listen carefully to what others have to say. Maintain eye contact with your colleagues so that they know you are engaged in the conversation.


Never create a negative attitude in the conversation with aggressive body language or a patronizing tone of voice.