How Can I Obtain a List of My Previous Employers?

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A list of previous employers is most useful when you apply for a job. Prospective employers routinely ask you to list your previous employers, starting with the current or most recent and going back at least three years, possibly even five years or more. If you have held multiple jobs over the last few years, you may have a tough time remembering who you have worked for; if you remember all of your employers, you might not remember dates. By completing a Social Security Earnings form, you can get a list with all this information.

Go to the Social Security Administration website

Type in your Internet browser. Press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Wait for the main page to fully load. Locate the Search box near the upper left corner of the page. Type "Social Security earnings form" and click "Go."

Click on the first search result that reads, "Form to Request Social Security Earnings Information."

Read the instructions on the next page. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to download and open the form. If you do not have it installed, follow the instructions on the screen to obtain the program.

Click the link that reads, "SSA-750 in." If Adobe is successfully installed on your computer, it should open in a separate window.

Filling Out the Form

Print the form. Follow the instructions starting at the top of the first page. It will tell you how to complete it. It will also explain in more detail what information you are requesting. Page 2 is the first page on which you actually give information.

Determine what type of payment you are going to use and how much money you need to send with the form. The amounts differ depending on how many years back you need to search; amounts are listed on the third page.

Complete your billing information on the fourth page; if you are paying by credit card, note it as requested in the form. If paying by check or money order, be sure to include it. Mail your form.


If you don't want to send the form by mail, you can take it to your local Social Security office instead.


It may take up to four months to get a reply, so if you need the information sooner, you might want to look for your W-2 forms from your previous employers or ask family members if they remember your dates of employment