How to work at home with Google

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The web is full of thousands of make millions through work at home with Google sites. Those are probably all scams. But, Google does offer part-time telecommuting positions working rating Web sites and ad content.

Research the different options for working with Google. Two positions are currently advertised with Google, ads rater and quality rater. WorkForce Logic advertises on the Google Jobs site for the ads rater position while LionBridge and Leapforce hire for quality rater using job boards.

Carefully read the application instructions and apply at one or all of the three companies currently hiring for telecommuting positions with Google. These companies are WorkForce Logic, LionBridge, and Leapforce and each has different requirements.

Set up a Gmail account to apply. This is a requirement for applying. Previously set-up Gmail accounts can be used.

Apply to one of the three companies being again careful to follow all directions specified by the specific employer.

Apply to a second company if no response is given from the first choice company. Apply about once a week if no response is given but stop applying if the company sends a denial letter.


Submit an error free resume for best results. Remember to follow the specific application instructions.


Do not confuse this legitimate job for scams on the Internet. Never pay for any "job" opportunity. Be leery of giving out personal information until you've research the opportunity.


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