How to Work At Home Assembling Crafts Without Getting Scammed

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Assembling crafts at home is a legit way to earn a income. Assembling crafts at home has been around a lot longer then computers, but since the rise of internet the vocation has been largely hit by scam artists. Learn how to work at home assembling crafts without paying scam artist's fees.

The fastest way to start earning money at home assembling crafts is to contact crafter's who sell items that require some assembly. For instance one of my mom's first assembly work at home jobs was to stuff hands and arms for handmade dolls. The work did not pay well but it was easy to do when kids are around and it could be done at any time. The best way to find such jobs is to make up a business card advertising that you do assembly work and pass it out to crafter's at craft festivals.

The easiest to start but not necessarily the fastest money maker is to find a craft you can assemble yourself and sell them outright through craft festivals or wholesale suppliers.

Pre-made work from home assembling crafts starter kits: This is where scammers will start poking their heads up. When buying a kit make sure you know what you are buying. Scammers usually advertise that you just assemble their products and then they send you a check. Well while there are a few that really send you a check for crafts, it is really not that easy. Most assembly workers that do such work say that only about half of their work ever get approved. So that makes them responsible for the crafts that where not approved. So if you do decide to go with this method check out the business very thoroughly before you start and have a way of selling the crafts not approved. Make sure the company allows you to sell the crafts that were not approved to other sources. Be prepared to pay for martial for the crafts that you assemble. Most will not take the risk and give kits to those who order them through the internet. Most common assembly programs are set to assemble things like cross necklaces and bible covers.


Method one and two of working at home assembling crafts is probably the best way to avoid being scammed. Some sewing skills may go a long way in finding legit work from home assembly jobs. If you have sewing skills think about contacting local formal wear shops and craft stores to advertise sewing skills for alterations or other craft projects. Ebay and are great websites you can sell your craft without leaving home.


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