How to Find TSA Job Openings

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With more than 400 job locations, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration offers positions throughout the country. In addition to airport security, the TSA offers positions in the field of air marshaling and transportation law enforcement. Access all TSA openings online.

Go to the Transportation Security Administration official website. Click on the "Join Us" tab in the top navigation.

Click on the "Find a TSA Job" link on the Join Us page to go to the TSA page on the USAJOBS website.

Fill in the appropriate information in the provided search boxes or select the type of position for which you are searching in the menus. The first box is "Keyword Search"; use this to type in relevant keywords such as a job title. The second box is "Series Number Search"; use this if you know the series number that corresponds with the job classification that you want. The third box is "Occupational Series"; select which type of position in which you are interested, such as engineering. The fourth box is "Location Search"; select a specific location in which to search for job openings.

Answer the applicant eligibility question at the bottom of the page. Click the "Search for Jobs" button to bring up a list of TSA job openings.

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