How to Find a Voice Over Agent

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If you are getting into the voice-over business, also known as voice acting, you will see an immediate need for an agent. This industry is very competitive, and sometimes only a veteran agent can get your demo reel into the hands of casting directors. Agents are selective, but they typically represent a minimum of 10 to 15 voice actors at any given time, so if you've got talent, you will find representation.

Start by researching successful voice actors. Find out who represents them. lists the names of managers and agents on actors' profile pages.

Get a copy of the "Hollywood Reporter" from the newsstand. You'll find listings for agencies catering to the industry's current voice-over needs.

Get a copy of the "Hollywood Creative Directory," which has a comprehensive list of agents. You can buy a print copy, but an online subscription is probably more useful — it's less expensive and you can tailor your search easily.

Purchase "The Right Agent" from the Samuel French bookstore to get the most current list of agents. This list, sold exclusively by the bookstore, is an up-to-date compendium of all agents looking for clients.

Once you've narrowed down the list of agencies you'd like to contact, visit their websites or call their offices to find out which materials you should send. Some agents only want a resume and a demo reel CD; others will want current head shots, too. Your demo reel is the single most important promotional item you'll submit — make sure it is fantastic, and that the recording is of professional quality.


While you're searching for an agent, you can submit your demo reel to production companies that hire unrepresented freelancers.



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