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How to Get Your Tween Started in Modeling

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Tweens interested in modeling take pretty much the same route as any other person in the field. They must get a photo to an agency, they must find someone to represent them, and then hope for the best. There will always be plenty of competition for modeling jobs regardless of age. However, in major markets at least there should be plenty of opportunities for kids between 8 and 12. In addition, modeling jobs can lead to other entertainment jobs.

Take several close-up shots and full body color shots of the child. At this stage, most agents prefer unretouched photos that show the child without makeup. If you get an agent later, she'll recommend a photographer for professional shots. Industry professionals realize children change drastically as they age, so large portfolios are not required for children.

Check the website of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists for talent agencies by state. Agencies approved by SAG-AFTRA adhere to strict rules regarding representation.

Submit the photo and any other required material for each agency and wait for a response. Agents will only contact you if they are interested in representing your child.

Sign with a talent agent after reviewing the paperwork. Have an attorney look over the paperwork if you have questions. Talent agents do not charge money for representation.

Enroll the child in classes that will prepare her for the types of auditions she wants to pursue.


Avoid any talent agent that requires you to buy photos from their photographer, or enroll in its acting or modeling classes as a prerequisite for representation.


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