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How to Use Samples of Letters of General Interest

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A letter of general interest is a letter expressing interest in a job. It can be sent as a way to request a position or it can be sent in response to a specific job posting. A letter of general interest can also be used as a cover letter to accompany a resume or application. You can modify a sample of a letter of general interest to suit your needs.

Use your favorite search engine and search for terms like, "samples of letters of general interest" or "sample cover letters." If you use different variations, you are more likely to come up with more samples. Find one that you think suits your situation. Copy the sample letter's text and paste it into a blank document in your word processing program.

Modify the top of the page to include all of your personal contact information, including name, address, phone number and email. A few lines below, put in the contact information for the job and the job information. Whenever possible, try to get a person's name to address the letter to.

Edit the main body of the letter of general interest to include specifics about the job, where you heard about the job, your basic credentials, why you are interested in the job and a simple closing stating that you are enclosing additional content, feel free to call, etc. Modify the stock text to reference you life, situation and qualifications.

Keep the closing concise. Usually, the stock text in the sample will suffice. Make sure to end the letter with "Sincerely," insert a few blank lines and then type your name.

Print the letter. In the space between "Sincerely" and your typed name, sign your name with a black pen. Attach your resume and any applicable certificates or references and you are ready to mail it out.



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