How to Become a Firefighter in Philly

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Becoming a firefighter is one of the goals that many people have from the time they are young. Far from being the glamorous job that we imagine as children, firefighters work hard to protect the residents of their city. Becoming a firefighter in Philly is a serious task that takes a great deal of effort and determination. Learn more here.

You must be at least 18 years of age at the time that you complete your application.

In order to become a firefighter in Philly, you must first have gotten your high school diploma or your GED, which is a general equivalency diploma that can be used in place of the high school diploma.

You must be a resident of Philly. Additionally, you need to remain a resident of Philadelphia once you become employed as a firefighter.

You must be in excellent physical health. Weight training equipment can be used to increase your strength so that you succeed. Your vision must be at least 20/30.

Anyone interested in become a firefighter in Philly, must take and pass a civil service examination for firefighters. Candidates are selected in rank order from the list of individuals who pass the civil service examination.

Upon acceptance of the application to become a Philadelphia firefighter, the candidate must successfully complete one or more interviews with the Philadelphia Fire Department. Additionally, he will be required to have a medical checkup to determine the state of his health. He must be able to pass this test as well as passing a drug test and a criminal background check.

After approval, the individual is placed in an intensive 16-week program. This program involves the training of candidates in regard to the physical aspects as well as the practical aspects of being a firefighter. A great deal of educational material is reviewed as well.

During this time, the candidates are required to obtain certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. Fires involve medical incidents and so this type of training is essential in becoming a firefighter.

The candidate must now successfully complete a 6-month probationary period to become a full-fledged Philly firefighter.


Volunteer at a local fire department to gain hands on experience.


If you cannot pass the criminal check or drug test, do not submit an application.