How to Multi-Task

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Whether you are an executive, supervisor, manager, parent or spouse, everyone has the ability to multi-task. It's a combination of organization, time management, scheduling and preparation.

Preparation: You know you have a long day ahead, with multiple tasks to accomplish, including interviews, scheduling staff, three meetings and multiple reports to complete. Begin your day with a hot shower to clear your head and a cup of tea or coffee to get your blood going. Breakfast is energy and brain power! Have a nutritious bowl of oatmeal and some strawberries before you hit the road! During breakfast, enjoy family (if available) conversation. Don't think about your daily duties until you get to the office!

Your first task at the office is to make a list or schedule for your day. You need to know times and places of your meetings and interviews. Having an organizer or utilizing your calendar(s) with time slots will be of utmost help to you.

Using your calendar/organizer, utilize your unused time-slots for other tasks you need to accomplish that day. Note how much time each task should take you, and steps you can take to make it easier for yourself to finish. For example, save one report while opening another. While entering simple data work, make a phone call to finish another task.

Change happens. Adjust your schedule accordingly, prioritize and organize based on the task given. If you get a "report due immediately" from your boss, switch the time you were going to do it with another task with lower priority.


In your list for the day, schedule items together that you can do at the same time. Keep cool when change occurs. You can accomplish anything! Issue, resolve, issue, resolve!