How to Send Resume in Word Format

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Microsoft Word allows you to customize how your resume looks. You can send your resume directly from Word if you have a local email client, such as Outlook, Express or Eudora, installed and set up on your computer. Alternatively, you can attach the document to your email message outside of Word using an email program of your choice, or submit it to a job database if the system allows it.

Send Directly from Word Program Using Local Email Client

Create and save the resume you want to send in Microsoft Word.

Select “File,” “Send To” and “Mail Recipient (As Attachment)” from the Word toolbar (versions prior to 2007). If you are using Word 2007, select the Office Button, then click on "Send" and "Email." Your local email client will open.

Type the recipient’s email address into the “To” field and enter a subject into the “Subject” line. Then add your message and click on “Send.”

Send Outside Word

Open and save your resume in Microsoft Word. Then exit out of the program.

Open your preferred email program, then create a new message.

Enter the recipient’s email address in the “To:” field and a subject in the “Subject” field.

Add your message in the body of your email.

Attach a file in Word format of your resume to the email by browsing to find it, inserting the file, or clicking on a button, depending on your program. Then press the “Send” button once the resume is attached.

Submit to an Online Job Database

Submit the resume online through the employer’s website by going to the page where your resume is requested.

Click on the link that lets you browse to upload your resume. You will be directed to your computer to find the file you want to upload.

Select the Word resume you saved, double-click it and upload it to the job database. Then follow the instructions on the website to submit your resume.


Using a standard, but professional font (such as Arial or Verdana) can keep your resume's format intact on a different computer.