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How to Email Academic Transcripts With a Cover Letter

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When you wish to submit an application for an educational program or for employment, applying by email is a common application method. After finding out the guidelines for submitting an application, follow the instructions carefully to ensure the recipients receive your application and give it full consideration. You may need to email academic transcripts with a cover letter and a resume to submit your application.

Read the application instructions carefully to learn how you must submit the application, academic transcripts, and cover letter along with the email. Determine whether you must also submit your resume and how you should submit it. Some prospective employers or educational institutions may require attachments only in specific formats, such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

Open a new email and fill in the address field with the email address provided for submitting the application. Enter the subject in the subject field, following the specific instructions for the subject line.

Compose the cover letter in the body of the email. Begin the cover letter by addressing a specific person according to instructions. State the purpose of the cover letter by mentioning the position or program for which you are applying. Briefly outline experience and skills that make you a good candidate. Close the cover letter by mentioning each attachment you attached to the email. Use a closing such as “sincerely” or “regards” and type your name.

Follow the instructions for attaching the additional items to the email. For example, attach the academic transcripts as a word document or as a PDF file depending upon the specific instructions.

Send the email by clicking send.


If do not have the Adobe Acrobat program and you have no way to create a PDF, use a free online converter to convert a Microsoft Word document to an Adobe Acrobat PDF document.


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