How to Write a Cover Letter to Multiple People

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Cover letters reflect not only your writing skills, but provide business owners or others with a potential method of determining how effective your work will be in an organization. Whether you use a cover letter for a job application as part of an introduction or for some other reason, you should determine if you should send the cover letter to more than one person. If so, then you need to take special care when writing and sending each letter.

Format all of your headings in the cover letter correctly. Include your address, the date and the name and address of the contact person before you begin to write to the individual.

Make two or three copies of the document on your computer. In each document, type the name of a new individual that you wish to receive the copy of your cover letter, resume or other document. When applying for a job, it is important to know the name of the specific person or people who will review your application. Do not hesitate to call the main number for a company and ask for the correct spelling of the manager, owner or individual in human resources.

Conduct research in regards to the company, not only to have a grasp of their mission, services and customer base, but also to see the background of the company and its employees. Look through an organization’s website in order to find out more about the people who will receive your letter.

Write the body of your cover letter in three or four paragraphs; cover letters usually do not exceed one page. Conclude the cover letter with a closing like Sincerely, Best Regards or a similar phrase.

Type CC at the bottom of the cover letter. If the letter is to John Doe, then you would include a statement like CC : Jane Doe at the bottom of the page. On the next cover letter, you would write to Jane Doe and CC : John Doe. This helps those who receive a copy of your cover letter to know who else it was sent within the same company.


Always proofread your cover letter and make sure that the spelling of the person’s name and that of the company are correct.


Avoid using BCC or blind cover copy. This means that you send a message to a person without other recipients knowing, which limits the ability of company employees to discuss your application.