How to Apply for a Job Online

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How to Apply for a Job Online. Applying for a job online is easy and fast-a matter of minutes! Online job listings provide detailed information about the job profile and the company. Consequently, you can highlight skills that suit the prospective employer's requirement.

Decide if you want to apply for multiple job openings directly to individual companies or through popular job portals. For example, you can search a company's Web site for openings and apply through the Web site (or through email) or sign up and apply through job portals such as Monster and CareerBuilder.

State your contact information, educational background, employment history and your present location when applying. Mention your current and expected salary if possible. Some of this information is optional, but submit as much information as possible.

While uploading your resume on job portals, ensure that it is presented well, preferably in Microsoft Word format. Make it clear and concise. The font and its size should be consistent throughout-Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman ranging between 10 and 12 point size. If necessary, employ a professional resume writer.

Mail or upload a cover letter with your resume. The cover letter should clearly state the position you are applying for, relevant skills that you have to offer and a brief statement on what makes you well suited for the job. Although your contact information will be mentioned in the resume, list it again in the cover letter.

Apply only for job positions that best suit your qualifications and experience. You can search various categories on popular Web sites (see "Resources" below). These job sites also provide useful information, such as tips for applying and preferred resume format.

Look at resume samples provided by the above mentioned job portals. Format your resume accordingly.

Keep track of the applications you have made.

Call and confirm receipt of your resume if possible.

Update your resume frequently.


Save your resume in Rich Text Format within a Microsoft Word document. This will preserve the original formatting when pasting it into an online form. Proofread your resume before submitting. Follow all application guidelines given by the company. Hiring managers generally reject applications that do not adhere to their guidelines.


Never reveal your Social Security number to any prospective employer. Never furnish your credit card or bank numbers. Don't send your resume with the file name "resume.doc." Recruiters receive innumerable resumes with this name. Type your name and the position you are applying for as the file name.

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