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Example of a Personal Profile on a CV

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The personal profile is generally at the beginning of a CV or resume and the first thing a potential employer reads. Therefore it must sum up all your strengths succinctly and effectively using appropriate adjectives. It should be no longer than six lines.


Detail your skills linked to the job description if possible. Add recent notable achievements.

Example: Excellent interpersonal skills. Hard working; resourceful and self motivated. Creative flair; recently designed website for blue chip company.


Indicate your experience in the field you are applying for; or, if you don't have experience, a link to it. This brief outline of your experience will be expanded on further down the CV/resume.

Example: Operational, sales, marketing and facilities management experience.

Current Role

At the end of the profile, indicate your current job role or job situation. The potential employer now has an overview of your skills, experience and current role, and if that overview meets her criteria, she will read on.

Example: Currently working as a customer service supervisor over staff of 35.