What Are the Duties of a Bulk Teller?

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A conventional consumer bank has tellers on staff that process various customer transactions. One or more of these tellers is required to handle large amounts of cash on a regular basis. A bulk teller, also known as a vault teller, has this responsibility.

Job Duties

At the end of each work day, the bulk teller confirms the cash amounts received from tellers after they balance their drawers. She bundles the cash by denomination and places it in an on-site safe. She may also be required to process bundles of cash for shipment to other branches or to a Federal Reserve Bank.

Skill Requirements

Attention to detail is required to follow complex procedures for collecting and processing large amounts of cash. Math acumen is necessary to count and verify monies. Time-management abilities are needed to cash out tellers in an efficient manner at the end of work shifts.

Preferred Background

Previous experience in a banking environment is a plus. Cash handling background is preferred. Most employers require a high school diploma or equivalent.