Duties for a Cash Room Clerk

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A cash room clerk maintains records of cash on hand in an organization and prepares cash drawers for checkout registers at the start of each business day. Typical workplaces include large retail stores, malls, hotels, resorts, government offices and theaters. Primary roles include taking deposits at the end of the day and updating accounting records, as well as taking cash out of the safe as needed, and recording it.

Primary Duties

When the clerk makes daily deposits, he updates the safe log to show the balance of cash on hand. When cash is deposited, he prepares the deposit, drops it off and removes the deposit from the accounting record. Each morning, the clerk fills drawers with daily starting balances and records the change in the safe cash balance. The clerk also may monitor an on-site ATM machine for an adequate cash balance and disperse petty cash as authorized by the manager.

Background Requirements

A high school diploma is the standard educational requirement. You also need one or two years of experience in a cash handling or finance job. Desired qualities include attention to detail, problem-solving skills and excellent communication abilities.