Job Description of a Section Manager

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A section manager works under the direction of an operations manager, planning and establishing procedures and methods by which staff must abide when performing tasks. He also reviews production reports on a regular basis and implements corrective actions, if necessary.

Nature of the Work

A section manager organizes, directs and supervises activities related to production processes within a firm. She ensures that operating activities and contractor work adheres to corporate policies and production plans.

Education and Training

A section manager typically has a bachelor's degree in a business-related field or computer science. A senior section manager with vast supervisory duties often has a master's degree.


The career information website Indeed.com reports that a section manager earned an annual median salary of $70,000 in 2010.

Career Development

A section manager's chances of advancement depend on his seniority, length of service and performance. Within a few years, a skillful and competent section manager can become an operations manager.

Working Conditions

A section manager usually works normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Senior section managers with administrative responsibility often work longer hours if business conditions require it.


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