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How to List State Bar Admission On a Resume

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An attorney's resume needs an additional section along with the traditional professional summary, work experience and education. This extra section is the professional licensing portion of the resume where the lawyer lists the states in which he is able to practice law. The form and function of this resume section is simple and direct and will stylistically look much like the education section.

Determine the best placement for the information. If you have just recently passed the bar and you have a limited work experience, list this section at the top of your resume, just before your work history. Put this section lower on your resume, just above your education section, if you are further along in your career.

Label the section "Bar Admission," "Bar Membership" or "Professional Licenses." If you are a recent graduate, call attention to this section by naming it "Bar Passage."

Name the state or states where you have passed the bar and are licensed to practice. List the month and year of admission. For example: New Hampshire State Bar, September 2002. If you have taken the bar and awaiting a decision, indicate it by writing: "Passed 2014 New Hampshire Bar Exam, Awaiting Admission."

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