What Are Some Good Office Jobs?

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Good office jobs vary in function, pay and required education. Many people enjoy the solid routine an office job provides and the comfort of working from the same desk each day.


Receptionists must have good customer service skills. They typically sit in the front of an office, greet clients and customers, answer phones and handle routine office duties. There are no set educational requirements, and hours are standard.


For those wishing to work in the legal arena without having to attend law school, being a paralegal may be the answer. Paralegals assist attorneys with the drafting of legal documents. Paralegals are in great demand, and the pay is above average.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants typically work in-house in a doctor's office. They perform administrative and clinical tasks and allow the medical office to run smoothly .


Architects usually work in their own studios or in offices in a larger firm. Most of the work of architects is done behind a desk, where they design projects, speak with clients regarding construction and develop final plans.


Accountants rarely leave the office, and while the work can be routine, they are typically rewarded with large salaries. Accountants analyze and track financial information for small to large businesses.