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Office Personnel Duties

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The term "office personnel" includes anyone who works in an office, such as professional, managerial, and administrative staff. Office personnel are the backbone of any business, and without them the day-to-day operations of a business would fail; files, invoices, and paperwork would be lost, personnel and vendors would not be paid, and supplies wouldn't be ordered. The salary range of office personnel varies based on their position within the company, specific duties assigned, and geographical location. According to, the median yearly salary for a typical receptionist in the United States is $28,774.


One of the primary duties of some office personnel is to act as an office receptionist. It is their duty to greet customers, both those who do business with the company and members of the same company who work in different departments. Her appearance and behavior give customers their first impression of the company or department.

Software Knowledge

Most offices use computers in their normal day-to-day operations, and based on the business, the need for office personnel to use specific software can be crucial to the performance of their duties. At a minimum, a proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office software is needed. Some offices that require personnel to complete accounts receivable and accounts payable duties may request knowledge in specific accounting software programs, such as Quicken by Intuit or Sage Peachtree.

Peripheral Duties

Office personnel must answer telephones, file documents, make copies, send faxes, sign for packages, distribute mail, maintain office supplies, and support staff members in project work.


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