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General Office Duties

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Just about every office has a list of general duties that need to be performed on an ongoing basis. Duties can include anything from filing to keeping the books to answering the phones. Larger companies employ specific workers to handle these tasks, while small businesses may have everyone share in the responsibility.

Customer Relations

Most offices have contact with customers in one form or another. A secretary or receptionist may be responsible for answering incoming phone calls, communicating with clients via email or greeting customers upon entering the facility. She may also accept money from customers who come to the office to pay a bill.


Bookkeepers perform basic accounting functions, such as maintaining ledgers and handling accounts payable and accounts receivable. This may be a function that is assigned to one person or handled by a separate department, depending on the size of the company. Small business owners may outsource the task to a self-employed bookkeeper.

Clerical and Administrative Duties

Clerical and administrative duties may include typing, filing, mailing and preparing documents such as reports or presentations for other staff members. While these functions have traditionally been performed by a secretary or administrative assistant, the advent of the personal computer allows many workers to complete these tasks for themselves.


Offices that work on an appointment basis, such as those of doctors or attorneys, require staff to schedule the appointments and to conduct follow-up contacts. Salespeople and business executives may also need assistance in maintaining a work schedule, and arranging meetings and conference calls.

Maintaining Supplies

An office needs a variety of supplies to function, such as paper, pens staplers and rubber bands. Each office will typically assign the responsibility of keeping supplies in stock to one person in each department. He may also have the task of keeping track of where the supplies go to prevent misuse.


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