Job Responsibilities of an Office Boy

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Office boy is an administrative clerk or assistant found within a business office environment. This is an entry-level position, often filled by recent graduates or interns who are still enrolled in an academic institution. Individuals in this role perform a variety of basic administrative duties. The term “office boy” may be perceived as a pejorative term.

Reception Work

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An office boy answers incoming calls, routing them to the proper individual and taking messages when appropriate. This individual may also greet guests when they visit the office.


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Organizing and maintaining records is often the responsibility of this professional. The office boy typical follows a predetermined protocol (for example filing alphabetically, by geography, etc.) when performing this task.


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An office boy must learn to fully operate a photocopying machine. He may be asked to photocopy one item for his supervisor or many, such as participant material for a large conference.

Typing and Dictation

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An office boy is often required to type internal and external correspondence per the dictation of a supervisor. This may include memos, press releases, contracts, etc.


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Within certain environments an office boy may also act as scheduler. In addition to managing department calendars, he may also schedule conference room bookings, customer/client appointments and vendor service calls.