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Job Description for a Mailroom Clerk

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Mailroom clerks make sure that letters and packages are properly sent and delivered in the workplace. A clerk usually has a high school degree or GED. Some clerks might need a driver's license to travel between locations. Clerks need excellent organizational and communication skills, and may be required to lift heavy packages.

Delivering Mail

The mailroom clerk picks up the mail each morning at the central mail facility for the building or office park and brings it to the office mailroom. He sorts the mail by location and bundles mail for the same person with a rubber band. The clerk travels to each location in the workplace and places mail in the correct mail slot for each recipient. He also picks up outgoing mail. Clerks visit each location at designated times during the day to pick up and deliver interdepartmental and other mail.

Sending Mail

In addition to incoming mail, a mailroom clerk is responsible for outgoing mail. Mail clerks weigh and attach proper postage using a mailing meter machine. When a mail piece uses a special rate, clerks validate that the piece meets the size requirements for the rate. It's a mailroom clerk's responsibility to record postage meter readings each day and ensure there's enough postage for routine outgoing mail. When postage is running low or when there are special large mailings, a mail clerk requests approval to purchase additional postage and updates the meter machine.

Shipping and Receiving Packages

Receiving, delivering and shipping packages are also typical responsibilities of a mailroom clerk. Clerks receive and sign for packages from delivery services such as UPS and FedEx. They also receive and sign for deliveries from local courier services. A mailroom clerk calls package recipients to coordinate delivery of their packages and may deliver small packages during regularly scheduled mail runs. When employees send packages, mailroom clerks help them complete the proper forms and may arrange for a courier service to deliver a local package.

Maintaining Supplies

Maintaining adequate supplies in the mailroom is an important responsibility of a mailroom clerk. Clerks maintain an inventory of supplies such as shipping envelopes and boxes, mailing envelopes, tape, scissors, markers, stickers and shipping labels. They order additional supplies as needed from the approved office supply vendor. For materials furnished by shipping companies, they request refills before supplies run out. Clerks also replenish the company's supply of post office forms, such as certified mail, bulk mail and return receipts.


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